Our Vision

To promote Dominica’s literary competencies through a structured platform for extra-curricular activities, enhancement of overall education and cultural awareness.

Our Mission

The aim of this literary association is to tap into the literary competencies of Dominicans and encourage and inspire those who are interested in history, literature and the arts and to showcase the literary skills and competencies of The Dominica Arts and Literary Association through activities such as book festivals, motivation.

Our Purpose

The purpose of this literary association is to provide an organized platform to display competences of Dominicans who have shown their interest in literature activities.

Our Objectives

To promote literary activities for Dominicans both at home and in the diaspora. This association will share, contribute and promote literacy material from active members and to use this platform for publicity of The Dominica Arts and Literary Association in print and electronic media

To build the character of the members

To prepare the members for future challenges etc.

Our Activities

Based on the number of willing participants in each region, the association will coordinate the following activities in various cities.

Essay Writing Competition
Poetry Writing/Recitation Publications
Short Stories
Seminars and workshops for improving the writing skills of members of the community etc. etc. with a goal of creating a foundation for a Dominica renaissance.