Robin was born in the Commonwealth of Dominica and began training in Martial Arts at the age of 8. He was influenced into the Martial Arts after being bullied and was told he would amount to nothing in life and that he was hopeless and would end up in jail or dead. He knew that he had to do something positive to beat the odds. He would hide his hurt and anger in Martial Arts training. His love and passion for all elements of Martial Arts evolved into a prolific career, with him becoming a Master (Teacher). Followed by the creation of his own Martial Arts fighting system, Universal Martial Arts Academy International Robin Ryu.

Shihan Robin currently holds a 7th Degree Black Belt, one of the highest levels attained by any Dominican. and One of the youngest Dominican to receive the Services Medal of Honour Award for his outstanding contributions to his country in working with youth through martial arts. He holds a gold medal in the 2005 Commonwealth Amateur Boxing tournament. He won the World Championship for the Demo Team at the Purple Dragon International Karate Championship in 2010, and many more karate Championships after that. And was inducted into the Caribbean Martial Arts Hall of Fame for Sensei of Year that same year. Shian Robin went to being a hall of fame inductee three times after that. He is the first Martial Artist from the Caribbean to compete and win in a demonstration at the Shaolin Temple. Shihan Robin is the youngest and third Martial Artist in the Caribbean to be recognized in Martial Arts as the head of state. Shihan holds the medal servers of honor from the president of the Commonwealth of Dominica. He is two times a triple crown karate Champion, an educator, a motivational speaker, and an author. Shihan Shannah Robin is an Educator, body worker, Motivational Speaker, Author and has an associate degree in Architectural design. Shihan Shannah Robin Esq has mentored and taught over 10000 young people around the World.

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