The Importance of Reading and Writing

By Sharon Dorival


I really enjoy the Reading Challenge on GoodReads.  This year I focused on all black authors for once in my life. It was a challenge from a friend. One I didn’t regret accepting. I must admit it wasn’t always easy because some self published books had many mistakes which brought me to the realization that my people need help. We (black people) I mean have always been projectile in helpers mode. And sometimes we are too proud to ask for help.

I am now officially a self-published author and I can believe it!😁❤ I started so many stories that I never finished but eventually I would get immersed with one particular project that I couldn’t stop writing.

If you do the same, start stories but don’t finish, keep going! Try new stories and plots. One day, it’ll just work. You can do it!!

Writing is easy: All you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until drops of blood form on your forehead.-Gene Fowler

I don’t find it very easy most of the time but I have a burning desire to share my unique experiences and original voice. To let my creative imagination turn into words. To make others imagine the picture I am.

Reasons Why I Read and Write

I write to uplift others. I tend to  get lost in reading and then I find myself again and start writing again to inspire, and encourage others. I love the way writing and reading  destress and relax me. They help me release my emotions and set me free.
Not only is writing proof that I once lived but it keeps me sane. All these stories would fight to be released from within my mind and that would drive me crazy.

With preservation my descendant will be able to see who I was and how my brain operated.
Basically I am flushing out whatever mess my mind comes up with because I don’t watch TV but I’m constantly dreaming of stories. Stories that if I never got to fully let out  would create a tangled web in my brain. Last but not least. Reading and writing  satisfy me.
Helping  my children develop their imagination and creativity through reading and writing is an important part of their development. Not to mention a fun way for us to bond.

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